Wednesday, February 23, 2005

After busting out of a home game very early, I commenced with Tuesday night drinking down out Mafiaoza's with my buddies Will, Derrick, and Anderson. Now, we are beer special chasers, and I for one appreciate the release in pressure that Mafiaoza's has taken off of Sam's Place in Hillsboro Village on Tuesday night. Even better, Mafiaoza's seems to have attracted the 26-32 set of young professionals which lets Sam's take the Vandy and just-out-of-school crowd. The atmostphere, the two-for-one pizza and beer, the set, and the outdoor patio have made Mafiaoza's my preferred spot on Tuesday night. They serve really good pizza, by the way, and they serve it until 3 am on weekends.

Conversation mostly centered around the new Josh Rouse album, Nashville, which like all his other albums is just amazingly good. For one, you will be hard pressed to find a singer-songwriter with two or three good albums, but Josh has delivered five. I've not listened to it enough to call it his best, but it is really good. The first five tracks will be familiar to recent concertgoers and the addition of some pedal steel to the melodies is a good turn for Josh. He ends the Nashville tour in Nashville, naturally, on April 29th at the Exit/In.


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