Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nashville Celebs are cool too

Well, I missed Paris and Nicole this weekend - "missed" is too flattering, really - but did have a celeb sighting of my own. I said hi to Ashley McElhiney, former coach of the ABA's Nashville Rhythm, at the Greenhouse while I was waiting for a cab. In my opinion, she handled the situation with her psycho boss, the media attention, and the premature end of the season with a lot of grace. I hope she finds another job suitable to her talents;still, I'd hate for Nashville to lose another solid citizen.

If there is one good thing about this whole debacle, it'll provide a lot of fodder for this year's YASNI Awards. I'm crafting my entries now.


Blogger Mr. Roboto said...

I can't tell if she's hot or not. What'd she look like in person?

11:12 PM  
Anonymous TBR said...

About 5'6", longer hair than in pictures, obviously in good shape. Definitely approved.

1:10 PM  

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