Monday, March 14, 2005

Son Volt at Exit/In this Wednesday

This has got to be the most under-promoted show in Nashville in my experience. Neither the Scene nor the Rage made any mention of it save a brief mention in their club listings. And I am at a complete loss to explain it - it's friggin' Son Volt, people!

For those of you that are completely clueless, Son Volt occupies a pre-emiment place in recent rock history. Frontman Jay Farrar along with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy basically defined the alt-country genre together in Uncle Tupelo. UT will go down as one of America's most important bands on their influence alone. When Farrar and Tweedy parted ways, Son Volt was the band who initially enjoyed the most success. Wide Swing Tremolo and Trace are two of the alt-country genres very best albums. Tweedy and Wilco clearly eclipsed Son Volt in terms of popularity after Farrar went solo, but look! Son Volt is getting back together.

Son Volt, people, Son Volt.


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